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kbs+ is a global advertising agency with offices in Toronto, Montreal, New York City, Los Angeles and London. Our team of inventors and creative entrepreneurs help our clients reframe their challenges to find bold solutions through an invention lens. But none of it is meaningful if it doesn't drive transformational business results. Working in collaboration with our clients reminds us that we are not just looking to create ideas that drive market share, but that we are looking to invent ideas with the power to drive shareholder value.

Work That Mattered


It’s RSP Season

Instead of trying to tell Canadians that Retirement Planning Season is easy. What if we admitted that it was hard?

Reste en contrôle-254x254_1

Stay in Control

Excessive consumption has its consequences, says the Québec Ministry of Health and Social Services. Two pre-roll videos depict situations of excessive consumption and mixing of drugs and alcohol. …

Trouble-Anxieux 2

Anxiety Disorders

The Québec Ministry of Health and Social Services wanted to raise awareness of anxiety disorders and encourage people who are suffering to get the help they need. …

Consommez-assez 2

Get Enough

Dairy Farmers of Canada wanted to primarily motivate women to get enough milk products. Our emotionally-charged 360° campaign reversed the roles of parent and child to demonstrate …


Ultimate Product Demo

To prove how amazing the new BISSELL Symphony All-in-One works to fully sanitize your kitchen floor, we challenged the Bissell Brand Manager to take our product demo …


The Alternate Ending

In the wake of one shocking elevator video, we made another. This one for Interval House Women’s Shelter. An elevator video worth sharing.


No Child For Sale

World Vision wanted to expose the truth behind the buying and selling of children in developing nations. So we built a bridge between the lives of those children, …


Advice. Direct.

For BMO’s innovative adviceDirect service, a playful and emotionally engaging creative approach steers away from online investing advertising convention.


Hot off the presses, and our 3D printers:


It Pays to know

The Financial Consumer Agency of Canada made a tool to give consumers help with their finances. We made an animated video along with an catchy, original jingle to support its launch.

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The BEC is Québec’s equivalent of the National Advertising Benevolent Society. For their annual awareness campaign, we created the slogan “Advertising isn’t always amusing” and paired …

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